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Growth in U.S. demand for Medical Sterile Packaging

May 08, 2010

According to the American Freedonia group company report predicts that the United States every year demand for Sterile Packaging of medical supplies at an annual rate of 5.4%, the main cause of that growth is elderly population increase, strict infection control standards, sterile packaging structure is simple and convenient, etc.

Sterile packaging of products, thermal forming plate market is the largest, each year about growth of about 6%, its growth reason mainly due to increased dosage of surgical kits. Medical Crepe Paper Packaging is also a big growth, the annual growth rate of 5.5%. The demand for Medical Sterilization Pouches annual growth rate of 5.7%, the total volume in 2011 will reach 500 million U.S.D or more. Due to Sterilization Pouch of use a broader, price low, so it has great development advantage.

In the use of material, PET is the main material of sterile packaging. The reason is the appropriate price and excellent performance.

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