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China Medical Sterilization Packaging Features

Mar 22, 2010

We should first make clear "medical sterilization packaging" this concept. ISO11607, EN868 series and GB19633 (equivalent ISO11607) are medical sterilization packaging authority standards. Based on the understanding and analyzing these standards, medical sterilization packaging can be divided into initial packaging and ancillary packaging two parts. In general, medical products sterilization packaging means initial packaging, which is direct contact with and form part of the barrier constitutes a microorganism.

Medical sterilization packaging for the main material is Paper-Poly Pouch, P-oly Pouch, Medical-Grade Paper, For-mFilled Film, various materials Tray and most most unique medical device packaging of the company Dupont materials – Tyvek, A kind of 100% HDPE substrate for the textile made made excellent non-woven material. In tyvek for material produced the Sterilization Pouch have superior ripped prevention ability and bacteria blocking ability.

Therefore, the medical instrument sterilization packaging should also belongs to the material as the main body in flexible packing area, and its important feature is the medical devices the requirements of packaging materials is very high, in addition to the regular protection and isolation outside environment of the basic performance, emphasized packing material properties of continuity and stability, and the sterilization of and demand extended the adaptability, sterilization way of materials and non-toxic, microbial barrier property the specific requirements are to prevent In the general industrial and food packaging businesses into the area of medical sterilization packaging main obstacle.

Of course, the medical device products sales targets and use objects that are fixed and profession, and thus does not attach great importance to product sales package design, it is the distinction between general flexible packaging design, such as high-grade food, medicine, and packaging of exquisite handicrafts. Reflected in the medical device packaging design is not too much focus on bright colors and patterns of the complex, and more attention to the indicative nature of the content label.

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