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Heat Seal Flat Pouch

Heat Seal Flat Pouch

  • Material :Pet + Film
  • Sterile Method :Steam, EO
  • Color :Green, Blue, White.
Sterilization Flat Reel Pouches is a type of Heat-Sealing Flat Reel Pouch, sealed with heat sealing machine, the length of each reel is 200 meter, scan intercept any length, easy to use.

Using Area:
Hospital, Factory, Clinic, Laboratory's Sterilization, Beauty Products.
Item No.SizePackingPacking
MHFP07520075 x 200mm5600pcs/ctn32 x 22 x 30cm
MHFP07525075 x 250mm5600pcs/ctn32 x 27 x 30cm
MHFP07528075 x 280mm5600pcs/ctn32 x 30 x 30cm
MHFP100125100 x 125mm8400pcs/ctn32 x 27 x 30cm
MHFP100150100 x 150mm8400pcs/ctn32 x 32 x 30cm
MHFP100200100 x 200mm4200pcs/ctn32 x 22 x 30cm
MHFP100250100 x 250mm4200pcs/ctn32 x 27 x 30cm
MHFP100280100 x 280mm4200pcs/ctn32 x 30 x 30cm
MHFP100300100 x 300mm4200pcs/ctn32 x 32 x 30cm
MHFP140160140 x 160mm5600pcs/ctn34 x 30 x 30cm
MHFP150200150 x 200mm2800pcs/ctn32 x 22 x 30cm
MHFP150300150 x 300mm2800pcs/ctn32 x 32 x 30cm
MHFP200300200 x 300mm1400pcs/ctn32 x 22 x 30cm
MHFP200400200 x 400mm1400pcs/ctn42 x 22 x 30cm
MHFP250300250 x 300mm1400pcs/ctn32 x 27 x 30cm
MHFP250380250 x 380mm1200pcs/ctn40 x 27 x 26cm
MHFP350500350 x 500mm800pcs/ctn52 x 37 x 18cm
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