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Self Seal Sterilization Pouches

Self Seal Sterilization Pouches

  • Material :Pet + Film
  • Sterile Method :ETO, Steam, Gamma Rays, Plasma
  • Color :Blue, Green, White
Self Seal Sterilization Pouches are made of multi-layer barrier films and medical sterilization paper. Use medical adhesive tape seal quickly and safely without any sealing machines.

Using Method:
1. Choose correct size for Sterilization Pouches, which adjust to the item to be sterilized, otherwise the pouch might be broken.
2. Put the sharp instrument direction towards the seal to make sure open the Self Seal Sterilization Pouches safely.
3. Fold along the folding line, and then tear double sided tape, seal the pouch carefully, then put it into the related sterilized equipments.
4. After disinfection, attention to the indicator's color change, it will turn brown from blue based on STEAM, and it will turn orange from pink based on ETO sterilization method.

Check the Sterilized Pouch before using. IF the pouch is broken or polluted, please don't use it. All the pouches are disposable.
Item No.SizePackingPacking
MSSP05713057 x 130mm200pcs/box50boxes/ctn
MSSP07026070 x 260mm200pcs/box10boxes/ctn
MSSP08316083 x 160mm200pcs/box10boxes/ctn
MSSP09016590 x 165mm200pcs/box20boxes/ctn
MSSP09026090 x 260mm200pcs/box10boxes/ctn
MSSP09055090 x 550mm200pcs/box10boxes/ctn
MSSP135260135 x 260mm200pcs/box10boxes/ctn
MSSP135280135 x 280mm200pcs/box10boxes/ctn
MSSP135300135 x 300mm200pcs/box10boxes/ctn
MSSP135380135 x 380mm200pcs/box10boxes/ctn
MSSP155260155 x 260mm200pcs/box10boxes/ctn
MSSP190360190 x 360mm200pcs/box5boxes/ctn
MSSP200360200 x 360mm200pcs/box5boxes/ctn
MSSP230395230 x 395mm200pcs/box5boxes/ctn
MSSP300395300 x 395mm200pcs/box5boxes/ctn
MSSP305430305 x 430mm200pcs/box5boxes/ctn
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