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Sterilization Gusseted Reel Pouches

Sterilization Gusseted Reel Pouches

  • Material :Pet + Film
  • Sterile Method :Steam, EO
  • Color :Blue, White, Green
Sterilization Gusseted Reel Pouches is a type of Three-dimensional Reel Pouch, similar with Flat Reel Pouch, it can hold large items, sealed by heat sealing machine, the length of each reel is 100 meters, can intercept any length.

Using Area:
Hospital, Factory, Clinic, Laboratory's Sterilization, Beauty Products.
Item No.SizePackingPacking
MGRP07510075mm x 100m x 25mm16rolls/ctn40 x 40 x 32cm
MGRP100100100mm x 100m x 50mm12rolls/ctn40 x 40 x 32cm
MGRP150100150mm x 100m x 55mm8rolls/ctn40 x 40 x 32cm
MGRP200100200mm x 100m x 65mm4rolls/ctn40 x 40 x 22cm
MGRP250100250mm x 100m x 70mm4rolls/ctn40 x 40 x 27cm
MGRP300100300mm x 100m x 80mm4rolls/ctn40 x 40 x 32cm
MGRP350100350mm x 100m x 80mm4rolls/ctn40 x 40 x 37cm
MGRP400100400mm x 100m x 100mm4rolls/ctn40 x 40 x 42cm
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